Bullet cameras and Dome cameras are majority used for business and home security nowadays. Both of these cameras are very simple to install, manageable and the user has complete control over the security system of any size.

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Bullet camera projects outwards resembling the gun’s barrel. The dome camera has the rounded dome shape. Though the look of both these cameras is entirely different, both these cameras offer the same functionality but still there exist small differences to mark the specific purpose of these cameras.

You can easily install the bullet cameras because it is designed with a mounting handle which you need to attach it to the wall. After mounted on the wall, it rotates to cover the area you want to focus. Mounting the Dome camera is the complex procedure but you don’t want to put much effort after that. The complication comes when you want to change the view of field you need to dismount the camera and mount it again. You can seek an expert help to do it in a better way.

The Dome and Bullet cameras are suitable for indoor requirements but dome cameras are more suitable and generally used since the dome cameras are low intrusiveness. If you need to fit a camera that has a sleek and elegant look and matches the interior décor of your home then installing dome camera is the brilliant option.

A bullet camera is waterproof and covers the larger range and it is more suitable for covering large areas such as parking lots and large backyard. You must check the camera’s IP ratings to know its environmental protection.

You must also research on the range of the camera before shopping for the camera. The surveillance camera ranges differ based on important elements such as lens type, sensor chip, resolution lines, backlight compensation, Auto Gain Control and Wide Range Dynamic. The lens of the domes cameras is smaller when compared to the bullet cameras. The shape of the bullet camera can easily accommodate the larger lenses.

You can even get some doom cameras with the same lens size or bigger than the bullet camera lenses. Choosing the right camera based on the range of requirement is very important. Both the Doom camera and Bullet camera support Infrared camera. A camera with infrared lighting assures proper lighting for the camera at any time. When the camera detects poor lighting it uses infrared lighting thus the infrared LEDs makes it own light in the field of view.

If you like to prevent theft or destruction of the camera then you must use Bullet camera. A bullet camera is more visible and the passers-by can easily notice this camera. Dome cameras are tough to identify and you can prefer this camera when you want a camera that is more covert. The Dome camera also hides what it is capturing because it is very tough to tell where the lenses are pointing towards.