Impotence! This is the incredible feeling that strikes the identity of every man, according to the UK’s renowned Erectile Dysfunction (ED) specialists. Erections are coupled with the self-esteem and confidence of men. ED can be the subject of jokes and stifled discussions in the back and the troubles beneath this disease is alarming the masculinity of the sufferers. Have you heard of The P-Shot, the recent hormone replacement medical innovation for ED? Basically, every hormone replacement therapy does not pose any side effects, according to the article Effective treatment modalities like these would boost the self-esteem. Let us look, how can ED affect the personal life of a common man.

Emotional, Relationship And Social Challenges

An intimate relationship between a man and a woman is personal and divine. A man with ED feels guilty and unable to communicate with his partner about the issue. According to the survey, open discussions, even with the clinicians are a big problem for ED victims. ED is involved in most of the broken marriages and disturbed family relationship. Trust, intimacy, and love are affected within the closeness of the relationship. Loss of interest with the partner as well as the family eventually leads to failure in fulfilling their needs.

According to studies, one in every broken family involves the sexual dissatisfaction issues. The physical withdrawal from her affects the psychological well-being of the person. This results in low self-being and confidence, with higher anxiety and depression. Loneliness occupies men, once he feels that he cannot satisfy the sexual needs of his partner. Emotional support to the partner is affected, and she tends to be away from him, which can be more devastating to men. All these cascades of events associated with ED bring turbulence extending to the family members too.

The rejection due to sexual impotency not only affects the partner. Further, it creates a bad impact on them. When the partner stays away from him, he feels fear and abandonment and gets emotionally detached from everything. He forgets his responsibility towards children and family and leaves them in fantasies of betrayal. In reality, when the couple tries to converse with each other, it ends with more misconceptions.

Sexual experience is something that creates a physical and mental stability in a relationship. Withdrawal from the sexual experience, either the woman or man, due to ED can trigger more complications in their life. Apart from the pain and dejection during the intercourse, the partner feels inattentive and anxious due to their incapability.

Potency problems can be a screen for serious issues other than emotional thinking. It might lead to alcoholism and other addiction forming habits. The social status and relationship are also strained due to sexual disability. The friends and colleagues start to measure or rate their issues. Sometimes it may even fall beyond limits. It affects the productivity, financial sound and affects their career. When the feeling of failure rises within, he finds difficulties to interact socially. A counsellor or a sex therapist can play a good role in motivating him to cope with the situation.