The winter Marijuana growing season has begun. You will now be faced with many challenges that come from growing the same plant indoors, that was grown outdoors during warmer seasons. During the winter season, it is not possible to grow marijuana outside. Growing these plants indoors is the best option to grow cannabis in winter. Growing Marijuana plant indoors is a challenging task. The temperature inside the growing room must be favorable to the plants otherwise, you will not get the expected results.

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You need to provide the plants the right air exchange, venting and monitoring to build good use of bulb when growing marijuana in the winter time. You cannot control the outside temperature but you can very well manage the indoor climate.

During cold climates, you want to give additional heat to the plants using fan heaters or heating pads. Even the cold floor in winter season can harm your marijuana plant, thus you must ensure to cover the ground using insulating materials or place the plants few inches above the ground. Based on the heating and cooling systems you used in your home, the system can require more energy to bring cold in the room than heat so cooling your room during summer cost more than warming it in the winter season.

Then you must check the humidity of the room. The relative humidity during winter season indoor is less than in summer and it is the lowest point in the optimum level to grow marijuana. To correct the humidity level, you can install a humidifier in the room. Plants exposing to low humidity transpire very much and need more watering often. If you don’t rectify the low nutrient problem in plants, then it causes toxicity. You can easily manage the low nutrient problem and it doesn’t make much harm to marijuana.

In cold weather, you must check the attic and wall insulation. Use hot lights in the growing room, since they help plants to stay at an adequate temperature but once you switched off the lights, the temperature in the room again drops. To avoid this, you must keep the lights on during night time and off at day time because the daytime temperature is favorable for the plant.

You want to use an electric heater or central heating system when the temperature is continuously dropping once you switch off the light. A digital thermostat is a handy device that controls the heater automatically as per the ambient temperature. When using cold lights in the room, heaters are required throughout the day.